Stuck at home to avoid COVID-19? During self-imposed or government regulated social distancing, many individuals and families are finding themselves spending the majority of their days inside. Keep stress at bay and enjoy this rare occasion to stay at home with these 13 fun ideas. Be creative and adapt the activities to suit kids, teens, adults and more!

Fun social distancing ideas:

1. Try the Karaoke feature on the Marco Polo app and duet with some friends.

Social Distancing kareoke

2. Host a “PowerPoint Party” (of less than 10 people of course), each participant creating and presenting a PowerPoint on a topic / interest / rant of their choice.

Social distancing powerpoint

3. Create a camping oasis in your living room – complete with blankets, snacks, movies and flashlights.

social distancing indoor camping

4. You’re spending time at home anyway, so get a head start on your spring cleaning. Organize Tupperware, your closet, junk drawer, or garage. Learn how to Marie Kondo your mind and your life.

Social distancing organizing

5. Call a friend via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts, then play a round of 20 questions.

Social distancing socializing

6. Have a virtual Netflix watch party by downloading this Chrome extension.

social distancing netflix party

7. Play around with Photoshop, and photo-shop you and your friends into your favorite celebrity’s family or romance.

Social distancing photoshop

8. Create a Pictionary Tournament bracket to replace March Madness. Play through Zoom or search for an online platform.

social distancing games

9. Take a virtual tour of over 2500 international museums and galleries. These tours are usually exclusive experiences, so take advantage of this opportunity!

social distancing virtual tour

10. Become more artistic through online drawing lessons or calligraphy tutorials to improve your handwriting.

social distancing calligraphy

11. Hold a themed fashion show – starring options like the 90’s, worst first date outfits, your childhood favorites (you could even recreate some old photos), celebrity impersonations, or anything else!

Social distancing fashion show

12. Put on some old t-shirts stuffed with pillows and have a sumo match, without worrying about getting hurt.

social distancing sumo wrestling

13. Try your hand at a DIY project. If it’s not Pinterest perfect, try again, or try a different one!

social distancing diy projects

Social distancing can be tough, so make it more fun with these activities! What’s something you have tried with your family?

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