Addict II Athlete

Addict II Athlete is a nonprofit which offers support group meetings, education, and resources for those affected by mental health and addiction issues. This action-orientated community based organization assists those in recovery as well as family, friends and community members. We have been around for over 10 years helping thousands of individuals and families in recovery.

“Our mission is to establish and maintain recovery with individuals and families by promoting lifestyle changes through erasing negative behaviors and replacing them with positive ones.”


  • We offer resources to all those seeking recovery from addiction and mental health issues.
  • We offer healthy social support.
  • We are not a 12 step program or treatment center. There are many paths to long-term sobriety and recovery.
  • Individuals can heal from these issues and not have to be in recovery for the rest of their lives. Hope is not lost.
  • We do not ask individuals to identify as addicts. It may be part of them, but it isn’t who they are.
  • We assist individuals in moving from addict to athlete, artist, scholar, friend, and more.
  • We encourage all who participate to work on goal attainment in all aspects of life whether in recovery or a family or friend.
  • We focus on positive attributes of individuals and the future, rather than dwelling on the past.
  • We are inclusive to all individuals. We don’t separate those who are in recovery from those who have never suffered. We can all learn from each other.
  • We promote balance and service.
  • We have a family systems approach encouraging family participation. Our youth program is called the Minor League (18 and under). We believe that families that play together will heal together.



We currently have 12 chapters of support groups all over the country. Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Wisconsin, with more coming soon. Find a free support meeting here. Zoom options available. Like and follow our Facebook Page for more information.



  • Addiction can be difficult to navigate. The founders are professionals who have worked in the field for many years. Let us help you understand how to best help yourself or loved one move from addict to athlete and more. We can help whether it is through treatment, counseling, coaching, or support. We have recovery resources available to assist those in need.
  • Find inspiration, hope and education through our social media outlets (links above), podcasts, blogs and email.
  • Family of addict Resources.
  • Become a Patron and receive bonus educational content.
  • As a nonprofit there are times we have scholarship funds for youth and adults that can help pay for race entries, running shoes, sports fees, Christmas presents, rent, counseling, etc.


  • It is through service we connect with things bigger than ourselves and are able to bond and grow together and as individuals. We work to attend a monthly 5k or service project whose proceeds/services go to a person or program in need, where we can give back to the community. Some past service projects have been trail cleanup, race aid stations, buying racing wheelchairs for disabled athletes, providing Thanksgiving dinners for families in need, donating trees to the Festival of Trees, and more.
  • Project Elf. The purpose of Project Elf is to provide a joyous Christmas to families in recovery from addiction and remind them of the positive gifts of sobriety.


We lead an annual 5k and are working on more. We also have many events and activities for individuals and families throughout the year to bring entertainment, fun and connection. It’s time to move from addict to athlete.


Simply come to one of our free support group meetings or join us at any of our events. Introduce yourself to our Coaches and Captains. Our meetings are 30-45 minute discussions with a recovery topic followed by a simple workout. Usually running.
Otherwise utilize some of our free support from our, Blog posts, Podcasts, Facebook and YouTube.
Feel free to watch a live meeting, no matter where you are, on Tuesdays at 7:00pm MST on our Facebook Page.
Lastly, head over to our Team Store and grab yourself some swag! Show yourself as a billboard and supporter of recovery and hope. This makes it easy to spot other teammates no mater where you are and become a resource to others.

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