Opinion Leader 2022 Stats and Action Items

Thank you to our opinion leaders for attending our Annual Opinion Leader 2022 Dinner! Our amazing OUTRAGE! Youth Advocacy Group chose the theme of "Back to the Future." We can have a future where no teens misuse drugs and alcohol by working together. For your reference, we have our drug prevention statistics and action items … Continue reading Opinion Leader 2022 Stats and Action Items

Postpartum Pain Management

Low-Risk Pain Management Options Talk to your doctor about ways to manage or relieve your postpartum pain. Here are a few options they might recommend: Ibuprofen (Motrin®) & acetaminophen (Tylenol®)Light activity (walking)Numbing sprays such as Dermoplast®Witch-hazel pads such as Tucks®Sitz baths (sitting in a few inches of warm water)Cold pack/heating pad Do I need Opioids? … Continue reading Postpartum Pain Management

Addict II Athlete, Maintaining Recovery

Addict II Athlete is a nonprofit which offers support group meetings, education, and resources for those affected by mental health and addiction issues. This action-orientated community based organization assists those in recovery as well as family, friends and community members. We have been around for over 10 years helping thousands of individuals and families in recovery.

Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach

What we do. The Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach (DDRO) is a national guard program that provides a well-trained and adaptable team of Civil Operators to help community coalitions develop comprehensive strategies to address local problems. Prevention coalitions reinforce partnerships across community members, leaders, and local organizations. They also provide tools for substance use prevention and contribute to … Continue reading Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach