Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach Program

What we do. The Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach (DDRO) is a national guard program that provides a well-trained and adaptable team of Civil Operators to help community coalitions develop comprehensive strategies to address local problems. These prevention coalitions reinforce partnerships across residents, leaders, and local organizations; and provide tools to respond to issues of substance use and contributes to the overall goal of creating drug-free communities. There are … Continue reading Utah Drug Demand Reduction Outreach Program

Family Bonding

We all want a happy, healthy family, and one of the best ways to create that is through bonding. Bonding creates a close connection with the people you love, and can help protect youth from substance misuse. Youth who are bonded with their family are less likely to participate in risky behaviors. With all the social distancing and stress associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s … Continue reading Family Bonding

Five Love Languages for Children

Expressing love to children is critical to their healthy development and can help youth feel bonded to the adults in their lives. Children who are bonded to healthy adults are less likely to try risky behaviors, such as misusing substances. Make sure your child gets them message that you love them by using their love language to express love. To figure out your child’s love … Continue reading Five Love Languages for Children

Family Quality Time

By Harley A. Rotbart, M.D. Over my past 30 years as a pediatrician, I have learned that there is a single truth that applies to any parenting philosophy: Your children need to spend meaningful time with you. When you add up all the time your kids spend at day care, in school, asleep, at friends’ homes, with babysitters, at camp, and otherwise occupied with activities that … Continue reading Family Quality Time

Parenting Classes in Utah Valley

Parents have been facing unique problems in the face of the Covid-19 virus, and there are resources to help. Below is a list of parenting resources offered locally. A few are still in person, and most are online, including some downloadable courses you can take by yourself without an instructor. We will update this list as class availability changes. Last updated: 3/4/2021 Class Name and … Continue reading Parenting Classes in Utah Valley

Healthy Relationships Are a Balance Between the Heart and Mind

Dr. John Van Epp, author of the book, “How to Avoid Falling Love with a Jerk: The Foolproof Way to Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind” suggests using the RAM (Relationship Attachment Model) approach to gauge the healthiness of a relationship. The RAM method focuses on five different areas in which humans bond to one another: Know, Trust, Rely, Commit, and Touch.  To create and maintain … Continue reading Healthy Relationships Are a Balance Between the Heart and Mind

EveryDay Strong: Feeling safe, connected, competent during Coronavirus

A friend of mine who lives in Provo was telling me about a meltdown her 7-year-old daughter experienced this week. Her husband was playing a game with their younger son when their daughter started to scream about how he wasn’t playing with her. Her husband’s first response was to try to reason with her about how he’d played with her earlier, but she kept getting … Continue reading EveryDay Strong: Feeling safe, connected, competent during Coronavirus

Opioid-Related Policies in Utah

Good Samaritan Law (House Bill 11) This law enables bystanders to report an overdose without fear of criminal prosecution for illegal possession of a controlled substance or illicit drug. Naloxone Law (House Bill 119) This law permits physicians to prescribe naloxone to third parties (someone who is usually a caregiver or a potential bystander to a person at risk for an overdose) and permits individuals … Continue reading Opioid-Related Policies in Utah

Yoga for Stress Management

When life gets stressful self-care can get pushed to the back burner. However, the less we care for ourselves, the less we’ll have to give. Yoga is a simple and free way to manage stress that anyone can do. It can be as simple as breathing exercises all the way up to complicated, challenging poses. What’s important is to connect your mind and body and … Continue reading Yoga for Stress Management