Parents face unique challenges, and there are resources to help. Below is a list of parenting resources offered in Utah County. A few are in person, but most are online, including some downloadable courses you can take by yourself without an instructor. We will update this list as class availability changes.

Last updated: 3/1/2022

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Class Name and Description (A-Z)

Check out Utah Valley Drug Prevention Coalition’s additional resources for parents.

Changes Parent Support Network
Support group for families with children struggling with substance misuse, suicide, running away and healthy relationships.
Saturdays at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
At Connect we invite crucial conversations between parents and allies of LGBTQ+ family members.
Thursdays at 6 PM (MST)
Online: Visit to join the Zoom meeting.
DCFS Parenting Class
Classes are free of charge and parents who participate in all 10 classes receive a $25 Smith’s gift card. There are separate Spanish and English classes each week.
English speaking parents: Brad Hammel at 
Registrese en Espanol: Aurora Howell at
LGBTQ+ stories in Utah County, the state, and beyond. For parents and community members looking to learn more about Utah County’s LGBTQ+ community.
Wednesdays at 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Online: Visit to join the Zoom meeting.
EveryDay Strong
Download the EveryDay Strong Handbook for quick tips on how to support kids and teens mental health. 
Eleven-week class for families with an adult loved one living with a mental health condition hosted by Nami.
Available in English and Spanish
Register Online:
Family Support Group
Empowering support group for family members, partners, and friends of individuals living with a mental health condition. Hosted by Nami. For more information contact Angela Petersen (801) 400-3516 or 
Available in English and Spanish
Register at:
Registrese en Espanol:
Families Talking Together 
One time, two hour class for parents with youth ages 10-14.
Centro Hispano ofrece el programa Familias Hablando Unidas virtualmente y en persona en español e inglés. Únase a nuestro programa GRATUITO de 2 horas (para padres con jóvenes de 10 a 14 años). ¡Usted PUEDE hacer la diferencia! Obtenga más información enviando un correo electrónico a Abraham a
Centro Hispano o
Available in English and Spanish
Classes available online and in-person
Relatives raising relatives, program for parents, children and youth.
Wasatch Mental Health Lauren Rencher 801-852-4491
Classes available in-person
Lunch with Lisa
Lunch with Lisa provides a space for uncomfortable, empowering, and life-changing conversations to happen. It gives parents the opportunity to build a community of support, both online and in person, as they share sorrows, strength, & successes relevant to being a parent of an LGBTQ+ child. 
Classes available online and in-person
Tuesdays at 12:00 Noon
Address: Encircle 91 W 200 S, Provo, UT 84601
Nami Basics
Six-week class for parents of children up to 18 who have a mental or behavioral health condition. Hosted by Nami. For more information contact Angela Petersen (801) 400-3516 or
Register Online:
Available in English and Spanish
Parent Guidance Courses
These free online parenting courses developed by mental health experts provide therapeutic support to empower and give hope as parents support their child’s mental health.
Relationship Classes
A variety of family and relationship classes are available.
Healthy relationships Utah
Strengthening Families
Family-style dinner served each week followed by separate classes for parents and children. Parents and children meet together after separate meetings. *To qualify at least one family member must have Medicaid. Hosted by Wasatch Behavioral Health.
Classes available in-person
Provo (Parkview BLDG) 801-373-4765
American Fork Family Clinic  801-763-5010
Payson Family Clinic 801-852-3805
For more information, visit
Stronger Families Project
The UVU Stronger Families Project is an educational, family-based program one night a week for 8 weeks. Using an evidence-based, nationally-recognized curriculum, we teach both parents and children how to improve their interaction and emotional patterns within the family.
Classes are available online and in-person.
Welcome Baby/Baby Your Baby
Classes, home visits and resources available for new parents. Se habla Espanol.
Utah County Health Department
Nurturing Parenting
Free 8-week class for all parents to learn basics of child development and parenting. This class is offered in groups on-site, one-on-one virtually or in-home. Hosted by Family Haven.
For more information contact Diane Clave
8 week course for individuals with mental health conditions hosted by Nami.
For more information contact Angela Petersen (801) 400-3516 or
Register at:
Available in English and Spanish
Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ virtual workshop
This FREE course teaches parents how to raise responsible kids and enjoy parenting. Participants will learn how to end power struggles with their children, teach responsibility, and prevent arguments. Classes are free but you must register to attend. Must be 18 or older. Hosted by Nebo School District.
2 courses taught each year Fall and Spring.
Online course for information reach out to

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