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Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program works to increase awareness about the negative impact tobacco has on individual and community health and to decrease tobacco use rates across the county. Tobacco Prevention and Control staff work to provide education, cessation, and prevention tools to the community, especially disparate populations who are disproportionally targeted by the tobacco industry such as youth, the LBGTQ community, and racial minorities.

Some of that strategies and activities that the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program uses include:

  • OUTRAGE! Youth Advocacy and Prevention Group
    OUTRAGE! is a community youth-led advocacy and prevention group for youth ages 12-18 in Utah County. Their mission is to empower youth to fight back against BIG Tobacco, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug misuse by using effective prevention strategies and advocacy. They seek to empower peers and communities by effectively communicating about health issues, giving those who struggle with addiction tools such as Way to Quit, informing individuals on how to fight back against manipulative marketing tactics targeting youth, and educating opinion leaders about health policies that promote positive change. OUTRAGE! collaborates with other youth groups in Utah County and works with DPC on community events, an annual opinion leader dinner, and other activities such as advocating for and putting up “no vaping” signs on buses.
  • Promote Cessation Resources
    Available to adults (Waytoquit) and youth (Mylifemyquit) desiring to quit tobacco, loved ones who want to help family and friends quit tobacco, and healthcare staff including doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists. Gives free information on how to quit tobacco, including free counseling and NRT resources. These resources are also promoted among our high risk populations in Utah County, such as low-income populations and service agencies.

    Also works with local treatment centers to encourage comprehensive Tobacco-Free policies and procedures and to offer evidence-based cessation programs, such as Dimensions, to support treatment center clients on their path to sobriety.
  • Local Community Retailer Observational Survey
    Develop and strengthen community coalition partnerships to conduct a local community coalition retailer observational survey biannually with core retail tobacco questions and optional social determinants of health questions (alcohol, healthy foods, food desert, etc.) to better understand the retail environment to educate and inform partners, including municipal regulators, and advocate for environmental policy change.
  • School Policies and Signs
    In partnership with the three Utah County school districts and schools, utilize the UDOH TPCP School Resource Guide to implement, improve and maintain comprehensive policies at traditional and alternative schools. Collaborated with the DPC to design and print metal signs to provide schools who pass comprehensive tobacco Tobacco-Free policies. Work with the DPC and school nurses to connect schools to evidence based prevention and cessation resources.
  • Tobacco Retailer Education and Inspections
    Permit and regulate all Utah County tobacco retailers and work with retailers to ensure up-to-date education on current laws and policies. Conducts annual inspections and underage tobacco compliance checks to reduce the number of illegal sales to underage youth.
  • Multi-Unit Housing, Worksites, and Second Hand Smoke
    Educate tenants and landlords about the benefits of smoke-free housing and the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. Also work with local businesses to develop and strengthen their Tobacco-Free policies and protect employee health.
  • Utah Indoor Clean Air Act
    Designed to protect Utah residents and visitors from exposure to harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke.
  • Baby Steps Program
    Available to pregnant women or partners to help quit or reduce smoking. Providing self-help guides, personal coaching and practical incentives.

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