Risk Factors

What is a risk factor?  A risk factor is a condition that increases the likelihood of a problem behavior.  Let’s use the example of heart problems, what are the risk factors?  Diet, smoking, family history, not exercising, and high cholesterol. All of those things increase our risk for having a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure.  The more you have the more you are at … Continue reading Risk Factors

What is Naloxone?

Naloxone is an opioid antagonist – a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.  Naloxone has been nicknamed the “Lazarus Drug” because it can bring an individual who is no longer breathing, “back from the dead.”  However, naloxone only works on an OPIOID overdose. It will not work on any other substance or overdose.  How does it work? Opioids bind to receptors in … Continue reading What is Naloxone?

The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program works to increase awareness about the negative impact tobacco has on individual and community health and to decrease tobacco use rates across the county. Tobacco Prevention and Control staff work to provide education, cessation, and prevention tools to the community, especially disparate populations who are disproportionally targeted by the tobacco industry such as youth, the … Continue reading The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

What is an opioid overdose?

What is an overdose? An overdose is a toxic amount of a substance, that overwhelms the body.  An overdose can happen with one substance, or a combination of substances in the body.  Some overdoses can be life threatening or fatal.  Let’s talk about opioid overdose. What is an opioid? An opioid is a type of drug that comes either from the opium poppy plant or … Continue reading What is an opioid overdose?

Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a unique parenting program that involves the whole family.  Parents, youth, and children.  This in an evidence based parenting program.  What does evidence based mean?  SFP has been evaluated many times by independent researchers in randomized control trials or health services research with very positive results in reducing substance abuse and delinquency risk factors by improving family relationships.  The … Continue reading Strengthening Families

Centro Hispano

Centro Hispano is a non-profit organization located at 817 S. Freedom Blvd., Provo, UT 84601 and has been a part of the community for over 17 years.  The organization was founded in 2002 by university students who saw a need for services to the growing Hispanic population in the county. Their mission was to “empower Latin and Utah families by providing equitable access to information, … Continue reading Centro Hispano

How to Be Resilient

Resilience – having a solution-focused approach to overcoming obstacles and challenges leads to greater well being – this can aid in both prevention of substance use disorders and in recovery. Resilience is a powerful tool to have, but it isn’t something you can buy on Amazon.  So how do you become resilient and what is the purpose of being resilient? One definition of resilience is … Continue reading How to Be Resilient

BYU Comprehensive Clinic

The BYU Comprehensive Clinic offers affordable mental health counseling services for individuals, couples, and families in the Utah County community. The Clinic is a research and training facility where services are provided by graduate student interns under the close supervision of experienced faculty who are licensed therapists. Services include individual, family, and couples counseling. In addition to therapy, the clinic offers various psychological assessments. The … Continue reading BYU Comprehensive Clinic