Why It Matters

“Whatever Your Child’s Journey, Go Together” is a beautiful piece of custom artwork that speaks to the importance of parents being an active part in their children’s lives.

All Utah kids deserve to arrive at age 21 with a healthy brain and bright future, free from the harmful effects of alcohol. One of the best ways to achieve this is by spending time together building strong family relationships. The Utah Valley Drug Prevention Coalition and Parents Empowered are partnering with Encircle to encourage all Utah parents to spend more time with their children to form an open, trusting relationship that will help keep them safe and healthy.

Utah County’s in-person mural of “Whatever Your Child’s Journey, Go Together” is located at the Provo Towne Centre near the food court. A tandem bike is positioned in front of the mural for photo opportunities. Post on your social media and follow/tag @UtahValleyDPC!

The Drug Prevention Coalition is celebrating this mural with an online campaign! Follow @UtahValleyDPC on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

Visit ParentsEmpowered.org for more information about how to help youth stay alcohol free.

Visit EncircleTogether.org to learn ways you can support LGBTQ+ youth in your community.

A child’s story is better when a parent is part of it.
Alcohol can harm the developing adolescent brain.
LGBTQ+ youth are at higher risk for underage drinking.
Your influence can help keep your child’s brain healthy and their future bright.

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