When life gets stressful self-care can get pushed to the back burner. However, the less we care for ourselves, the less we’ll have to give. Yoga for stress management is a simple and free way to manage stress that anyone can do. It can be as simple as breathing exercises all the way up to complicated, challenging poses. What’s important is to connect your mind and body and find some balance.

When we’re under stress for long periods of time, it starts to affect our bodies. Yoga can be a great way to release stress that is manifesting as sore muscles, fatigue and ignored emotions.

Yoga for stress managment

Yoga doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Use the space you have.

Don’t worry too much about creating the perfect environment, just use the space you have. You’ll want a sturdy, nonslip surface to practice on. You can use a yoga mat to help add a little cushion and friction to your surface, but make sure your mat is thin enough that it doesn’t affect your balance. It’s best if your space is quite or you can play some relaxing music to help block out background noise.

2. Use clothes that you can move in.

You might think baggy clothes are best, but they can actually get in the way or slip around too much during different poses. The best option is something that allows you to move your arms and legs, is form fitting and stretchy. It doesn’t have to be fancy yoga wear; a tank top and pair of leggings work great.

3. Check out some free yoga classes on YouTube

Try classes by YouTubers such as Yoga with Adriene for help learning about the purpose and proper technique of yoga.

4. Try different styles.

Some types of yoga are very active, while other types are more still and meditative.

5. Don’t push yourself too hard too fast.

Yoga should enhance your relationship to your body and your overall fitness, not cause pain or injury. Take it slow, don’t force yourself into a pose that feels too uncomfortable. Start where you are comfortable now and your abilities will increase over time.

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