Kids today deal with so much. How can they cope with everything with which they are confronted? There are options. A great tool that was created for youth today is the SafeUT app. This app is available 24/7, it’s 100% confidential and always free. Most people think of it in connection with suicide prevention, but that’s definitely not it’s only purpose.

This app was designed for Utah youth K-12, as a real-time crisis intervention tool. Now, it’s even in most of our Universities, with plans to expand services to the Utah National Guard. There are 804 total Utah schools enrolled in the SafeUT app, which gives 734,587 students access to this great resource!

This gives any student a confidential and safe place to help with just about any life challenge including things like relationship difficulties, bullying, depression, anxiety and just about any other situation. Since most youth prefer texting, it is available and easy to use. A phone call option is available, though, if desired.

If a student is struggling with stress, addiction, grief, or any other life crisis, they can use this app. If your student is worried about a friend or a parent, they can use this app to get help talking with that individual and where to direct the individual for resources. If a student sees something at school but is worried about being considered a snitch, they can anonymously report issues to their school through the app.

All they need to do is give as much detail relating to the situation as possible. That information will get to their school contact(s) and no one will ever know who reported it. Licensed therapist at University Neuropsychiatric Institute are there to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many students have been encouraged to download the app in health classes. If you see it on your child’s phone, don’t be concerned. Be glad they have a safe space! By all means, check in with your child. If you make a big deal about it, though, your child may remove it because they are worried about getting the grilled by their parent, which would remove a great resource for them. If your child doesn’t have it downloaded, encourage them to do so.

This video gives a brief overview of the app and what it can do:

Okay, so you’ve heard about this app. But you’re wondering if it’s really made a difference. The answer is a resounding YES! The 2019 Annual report defined that difference. SafeUT received 20,197 total chats and 12,221 tips just from August 1, 2018 to May 31,2019. From those tips, they were able to verify 318 that were potential school threats which prevented 245 potential school threats that covered explosives, guns, knives, weapons, and planned school attacks. SafeUT also, regularly, receives “thank you’s” from students whose lives have been impacted because they reached out to SafeUT. Encourage your student to download SafeUT today.

Guest post by: Marla Brannum

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