Risk Factors for Teens

Understanding Risk Factors A risk factor is a condition that increases the likelihood of a problem behavior or negative health outcome. Let’s use the example: What are the risk factors for heart problems? Poor diet, smoking, family history of heart problems, sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol, and so on. All of these things can increase our risk … Continue reading Risk Factors for Teens

Naloxone – Save a Life

Where can I get Naloxone? Low-Cost Naloxone Your Local Pharmacy: The Utah Naloxone Standing Order allows pharmacists to distribute naloxone to anyone without needing a prescription. You can purchase Naloxone at most pharmacies, either with insurance co-pay or out of pocket. Each kit differs in price and insurance coverage, but most range from $45 to $175 out … Continue reading Naloxone – Save a Life

Safe Drug Disposal

Protect our environment and community by properly disposing of your prescription medications at a permanent local medication drop box near you. Business hours apply. Properly disposing of unused opioid medication prevents the risk of addiction, misuse, and overdoses. 75% of Utahans currently addicted to opioids get them from a friend or family member. You can … Continue reading Safe Drug Disposal

The Opioid Overdose Crisis

Opioid Overdoses When prescribed and used properly, opioids are an important and commonly used component to help control and manage moderate to severe pain. They are used in hospitals and are sometimes prescribed by doctors. Common opioids include Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, Fentanyl, Buprenorphine and Methadone. There are also illegal opioids, such as Heroin. Opioids work … Continue reading The Opioid Overdose Crisis