Family Bonding

We all want a happy, healthy family, and one of the best ways to create that is through bonding. Bonding creates a close connection with the people you love, and can help protect youth from substance misuse. Youth who are bonded with their family are less likely to participate in risky behaviors. With all the social distancing and stress associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s … Continue reading Family Bonding

Parenting Classes in Utah Valley

Parents have been facing unique problems in the face of the Covid-19 virus, and there are resources to help. Below is a list of parenting resources offered locally. A few are still in person, and most are online, including some downloadable courses you can take by yourself without an instructor. We will update this list as class availability changes. Last updated: 3/16/2021 Class Name and … Continue reading Parenting Classes in Utah Valley

EveryDay Strong: Feeling safe, connected, competent during Coronavirus

A friend of mine who lives in Provo was telling me about a meltdown her 7-year-old daughter experienced this week. Her husband was playing a game with their younger son when their daughter started to scream about how he wasn’t playing with her. Her husband’s first response was to try to reason with her about how he’d played with her earlier, but she kept getting … Continue reading EveryDay Strong: Feeling safe, connected, competent during Coronavirus

Staying Social During Social Distancing

Stuck at home to avoid COVID-19? During self-imposed or government regulated quarantines, many individuals and families are finding themselves spending the majority of their days inside. Keep yourself busy and enjoy this rare occasion to stay at home with these 13 fun ideas. Be creative and adapt the activities to suit kids, teens, adults and more! 1. Try the Karaoke feature on the Marco Polo … Continue reading Staying Social During Social Distancing

Understanding The Signs of Stress

According to the Oxford Dictionary, stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Though we typically talk about stress negatively, not all stress is bad. Eu-stress, or good stress, is stress from positive things. Like going to a party for example, may be fun and exciting, but it can still cause strain on energy levels, … Continue reading Understanding The Signs of Stress

Healthy Coping Strategies

Practicing healthy coping strategies affects every aspect of our well being. They help us navigate difficult situations effectively and have more joy in life. There are lots of healthy ways to cope with stress. Below are some suggestions for things you can try:  Emotional:  Consistently do activities that make you happy.  Small and simple things can go a long way to energize you. Listen to … Continue reading Healthy Coping Strategies