What is the Strengthening Families Program?

The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a unique parenting program that involves the whole family.  Parents, youth, and children.  This in an evidence based parenting program.  What does evidence based mean?  SFP has been evaluated many times by independent researchers in randomized control trials or health services research with very positive results in reducing substance abuse and delinquency risk factors by improving family relationships.  The SFP was developed by Dr. Karol Kumpfer.

It was developed for youth ages 7-17.  The program consists of 12 sessions, registration, 10 lessons, and graduation.  The lessons are held once a week for 2 ½ hours.  They begin with dinner for 30 minutes, where families learn how to bond by asking questions and eating a meal together, during dinner this also give the teacher a chance to interact with the families.  Then the families go to their individual classes, parents, teens, and children for the next hour. 

After individual class time the families come together for the family class during the final hour. The family class continues to build on the concepts taught in the individual classes.  This includes discussion; role-playing and activities that help families develop the skills and bonding needed for a successful family.  They also take home the handouts, DVD and assignments related to the new skills to complete during the upcoming week.  Each lesson presented continues to build skills and improve family relationships.

Strengthening families

SFP consists of parenting skills, children’s life skills, and family skills training courses taught together in ten 2-hours group sessions preceded by a meal that includes informal family practice time and group leader coaching.

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Payson Communities That Care has delivered the SFP for the last 4 years.  We hold the program at Payson Jr. High School on Thursday nights.  We have enjoyed presenting this program.  We have developed many lasting friendships with the families that have attended our classes.  We as parents and grandparent have gained invaluable skills presenting this program. We have seen the concepts work in our own lives and in the lives of the families who have completed the SFC.

For more information of the SFC go to: https://www.strengtheningfamiliesprogram.org/index.html

For more information of Payson CTC contact Kim Lefler 801-921-9779

Guest post by: Kim Lefler

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