Good friends stick together

Good Friends Stick Together

Good friends stick together. They are there for you through the ups and downs. Feeling connected and valued by good friends can help you deal with hard things in life. Friends can even help you stay safe from drug and alcohol dependence.

Over the last year due to Covid-19, many students experienced isolation and mental health issues. Now that school is back in person, focus on creating connections with old and new friends.

Learn how to make good friends.

You’re the one who can make a difference

In 2019, a staggering 63% of teens in 6-12 grade in Utah County reported moderate depressive symptoms, and 8% reported high depressive symptoms. 17% reported being bullied or picked on at school.

These statistics are daunting, but you can be the one who makes a difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t take much to be a friend. Try challenging yourself to talk to someone new each day for a week, or say hi to someone in the hall that you know from class.

Get involved

If you’re having a hard time meeting friends, try joining a club or sport at school or in the community. One awesome group is OUTRAGE!, and they cover all of Utah County. You could also try heading to a game night at a local game store or volunteer for a cause you care about. Getting involved in something you like will help you be more likely to find friends with common interests.

We all have things in common

Everyone has something in common. Finding common ground can be the foundation of creating a friendship. This year, DPC is providing stickers to high schoolers that each have one thing in common. Download or print the images below and see if you can find a match in each of them!

Good friends stick together
Good friends stick together

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