The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

The Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention and Control Program works to increase awareness about the negative impact tobacco has on individual and community health and to decrease tobacco use rates across the county. Tobacco Prevention and Control staff work to provide education, cessation, and prevention tools to the community, especially disparate populations who are disproportionally targeted by the tobacco industry such as youth, the LBGTQ community, and racial minorities.

Some of that strategies and activities that the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program uses include

Anti-tobacco youth group called “OUTRAGE!”: a youth-led group with youth members from across Utah County that works to educate the community about the dangers of tobacco use, industry manipulation, youth initiation, and secondhand smoke. OUTRAGE! also works with local leadership to influence tobacco-related policies.

Utah Indoor Clean Air Act: designed to protect Utah residents and visitors from exposure to harmful effects of environmental tobacco smoke.

Outdoor Areas and second-hand smoke: working toward safer outdoor areas by eliminating the dangers of secondhand smoke. available to healthcare staff including doctors, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists. Gives free information on how to quit tobacco.

Baby Steps Program: available to pregnant women or partners to help quit or reduce smoking. Providing self-help guides, personal coaching and practical incentives.

Tobacco retailer education and Compliance Checks: The Tobacco Prevention and Control Program is responsible for permitting tobacco retailers and works with retailers to ensure up-to-date education on current laws and policies. In addition, Utah State mandates that tobacco compliance checks be conducted two times yearly at every tobacco retailer in the valley to reduce the number of illegal sales to underage youth.

Multi-Unit Housing: educating tenants and landlords about the benefits of smoke-free housing and the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

Worksite: working with local businesses to develop and strengthen their tobacco policies.

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